Site Copiers

The site copier program provides quality, multi-function copiers and supplies at a reasonable price at each school and administrative department throughout the district.

Site copier program management
The Pueblo City Schools’ site copier program is managed by our department.

The site copier program:
  • provides uniform machines throughout the district;
  • provides total accountability for the usage of each machine – user and site;
  • lowers supply and maintenance costs;
  • eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment for copying needs; and
  • provides reliable copier maintenance and repair.
  • Usage guidelines
The intended use of copiers located at school and other sites is for small quantities. Each principal determines the monthly copy/print limit for staff.

User codes
Each “user” is issued a user code that must be entered each time the copier is used.  The copier records the amount of copies made while a particular code is activated.  Scan to email and faxing does not apply to the monthly limit. User codes are issued by the school secretary.  NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR USER CODE TO ANYONE for any reason!
Each school and other district sites are issued one or more copiers for low volume, quick copy use.
Copier models are selected according to the volume and type of copies produced at each site.  

Supplies for the copiers are shipped automatically from the vendor to each site. If the copier gives a low-toner warning and no cartridges are on hand, call the vendor and order one (toner is included in the overall cost of the machine).  Staples for the large copiers are supplied by the Document Services Center.

Vendor technicians are responsible for servicing the copiers under contract with the district.  For a physical, tangible problem with the machine, place a service call to the vendor.  A technician will call back for more information.  The technician should arrive within four hours.  Our office staff monitors all service calls.  For any intangible problems such as a user code, printing or fax errors, call DSC or the IT help desk.

Vendor/copier selection
Our department utilizes an RFP to evaluate all of the vendors, equipment, and supplies on the market and selects the best and most economical program to meet the needs of Pueblo City Schools.