Production Process

What happens to your job when it arrives in the Document Services Center?

Order reviewed
After an order is approved by the designated staff member, its electronically received in Document Services. Each order is examined to determine what is needed and how it will be reproduced.  Your job will then proceed to the appropriate area in the shop.
ORIGINALS PENDING: If your order has been approved and submitted, but there isn't an electronic file attached and we haven’t received a paper copy, the order status will be set as Originals Pending until a file has been emailed or a paper copy has been delivered to us.

Graphic design
Your order will be routed here if the document:
  • is not camera ready (unclear copy, inadequate or inaccurate margins, incorrect size, incorrect page imposition, type changes/updates required, etc.).
  • is new and needs to be created.
  • other specialized design and type work which require graphics, color, etc.
  • is a district form kept in our electronic files.
Your order will be routed here if it requires basic black on white or color paper or card stock.

Color copier
Your order will be routed here if color copies are requested (photographs, color originals, etc. – paper copy and electronic files).
Your order will be sent here from graphic design if it requires: special paper stock, special color ink, complex design, large quantity, envelopes, letterhead and any document (such as a certificate) that will be run through a personal printer, etc.

Finishing (bindery)
Your order will be routed here for collating, stapling, coil/plastic binding, padding, folding, cutting, numbering, hole drilling, tabbing, bulk mail preparation, etc., and packaging for district mail delivery or pickup.

Distribution (shipped/customer pickup)
Depending upon the instructions on the work order, your job will be shipped through district mail delivery to your site, or you will be called/emailed to pick up your order in Document Services. Once the order has been sent in the district mail, the work order status will change to “shipped.“

A copy of the work order is returned with the completed job and should be given to the school principal or administrator responsible for the budget, or keep it yourself if you are paying for the job.
CASH ORDERS: Orders must be picked up in Document Services and payment made by cash or check before the order is released.