Printing (Press)

Offset printing is excellent for reproducing higher quality single and multiple color documents with type, illustrations, and photographs effectively.

Orders requiring a specific ink color, special paper stock incompatible with copiers, large quantities (b/w or black plus another color), envelopes, and any type of document such as letterhead and certificates that will be run back through a personal printer or copier, are produced using the offset presses.

One, two-color press, one single-color press, and an imagesetter.

Paper types/weight
Our printing presses handle paper sizes up to 11"x17".  A wide variety of weights, colors, and textures are available.  Many factors are considered in the selection of paper for your project.  Document Services staff can help you select or suggest the most appropriate and economical paper for your project.

Ink colors
A wide variety of ink colors are available.  One to four “spot” colors are the most common and four-color process printing (ex. documents which include full color photographs) is also available.
Document preparation
Most documents printed on the press usually require graphic design work to achieve the desired look and effect.  After the document has been prepared, polyester printing plates are produced.

If you wish to submit camera-ready copy and the job requires more than one ink color, please call us to discuss color separation issues.  Each color must be on its own original and meet specific guidelines.

Production time
The amount of time required to complete your job will depend upon such factors as the number of copies to be printed, availability of special paper stock, number of ink colors required, and shop workload.

Publications, unusual jobs, and large volume jobs require more time than simple forms, letterhead, envelopes, and other single color jobs.

Graphic design and bindery requirements are separate processes and if needed, require additional time.