Planning is an important first step to having your document produced within the required time frame and with the intended end result, no matter how small or large the project.

Who is the intended audience?
Identify who will be reading the document: parents, students, staff, community members, or all groups.

What is the intent of the document?
Identify the subject of your document, the information to be included, etc.

How will the document be distributed?
Will it be: Handed out, posted, delivered through district mail, mailed through the U.S. Post Office, or a combination of delivery methods?

When does the document need to be completed?
The date the document is to be distributed is an important factor.  We can usually provide basic document service within 24 hours November through April.  More complex projects, large quantities, special ink and/or paper, graphic design/layout, special binding, etc. will take longer.  Allow at least one additional day for delivery.
What are the physical characteristics of the document?
What size, how many pages, what color and kind of paper stock, etc. are needed for your project?  If you haven’t decided on a specific format or design, our professional staff can show you samples and suggest ways to produce your document that result in a professionally produced and economical publication.

Will “camera ready” copy be provided or will graphic design/ layout be required?
“Camera ready” copy means the document is ready to be copied or printed as is: black type and images on white background, with proper page margins, proper imposition for booklets, etc.  Camera ready copy may be submitted electronically if it has been properly prepared.

Enter a Document Services Center work order.
Before we can produce your document(s), a work order must be entered.  See pages 3 and 4 for more information about the work order.

Cost estimates
It is a good idea to contact us for a cost estimate on work which requires color, large quantities and/or originals, special finishing requirements, or other more complicated projects.  We also offer assistance with copier and printing budgets.