A Document Services Center work order is required for all projects.
The Document Service Center utilizes an electronic ordering system:  Print Shop Pro.

This is the only method for submitting an order. Paper work order forms are not accepted. Training videos are posted at the bottom of the PrintShop Pro home page.

Turnaround time for orders submitted for printing is dependent upon the size and specifications of the work requested.  Allow additional time for large orders and those that require graphic design work, production, ordering of special paper stock/printing materials, etc.

The ordering information provided here is a general overview. Please review the information provided on the PrintShop Pro home page periodically. It contains current, detailed information and provides answers to many common questions about the ordering system.

Basic Ordering Process
Log in, fill out an order, and print a job ticket to mail with hard copy originals or upload a file(s) with the order. The order electronically submits for approval by the building principal/administrator. Once approved and originals are received in DSC, production begins.

User Profile Information

PCS Staff: same as Windows login

D70/Charter Schools:

  • User Name is firstname.lastname (all lowercase, no hyphens).
  • Password: See instructions on the PSP home page.
Contact Information: (Go to My Profile)
Please update your contact information, including school or room phone number and email address. Your order may be delayed if we need to contact you and your information is invalid.

Order Types (options)

Quick Copy: Fast order process with minimal steps to order basic black and white copies with staple options.

Printing Order: Multiple step ordering process that allows selection of all printing and bindery options.

Store Order: order common items with set quantities and prices such as blank paper/card stock, business cards, CD/DVD duplication, etc.

Printing Order Selections
The items listed below answer the most common questions we receive about choices available when entering a Printing Order.

File Attachment: If you have created document(s) on your computer that are ready to be printed as is, you may upload the file(s) with the work order and they will be used to print your order. Print Shop Pro will show you the attached file (PDF formatted) and ask you to verify that it's correct before proceeding.

NOTE: Files for orders that require additional processing, graphic design/layout, image files (.jpeg, .bmp, etc.), and Excel files (xls, .xlsx, .csv), should be emailed to documentservices@pueblocityschools.us.

Finished Size: Choose the size from the list that matches your document.  If the size isn't listed, choose "Custom".

# of Copies: this is the total number of finished copies required after printing, cutting, folding, etc. regardless of the size.  Examples: equivalent to the number of students in your classroom; number of tickets you would like to sell, etc.  The # of Copies will be matched with the Finished Sheet Size. For example, if # of Copies is 100 and the Finished Sheet Size is 1/4 sheet, the completed order will have 100 1/4 sheet pieces.

NOTE: Do not enter a number based on calculation of how many can be printed on a sheet of paper.  We will make those calculations and adjust the work order accordingly.  For example, if you need 1000 tickets and 10 tickets will fit on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet, do not enter 100 for # of Copies - you will only receive 100 tickets instead of 1000.

Graphics Work Required: Check this box if you order needs updates, edits, or new design/layout, etc.

Paper Selection: Make a selection from the "Style" drop down box.  A stock selection list will appear.  Click the button next to the item that matches the color of paper required. 

# Originals: This is the number of master pages;  i.e., side of print regardles of front/back choice.

Finishing: Select the options needed for your order – binding (staple, coil, etc.), collating, padding, cutting, folding, and other options.

Suggested Due Date (Shipping Information section): It is extremely important that an accurate due date is entered in the "Suggested Due Date” box. We use dates to prioritize and schedule jobs.  Allow at least one extra day for delivery – don’t choose the day you need to begin using your documents as the date needed.  Also allow extra time if your job needs graphic design/layout, custom printing, custom bindery, or large quantities. 

Ordering Notepads
Notepads and any other glued item can be ordered using Printing Order.  Number of Notepads is the total number of pads needed; i.e. 20. # Originals is the number of sheets per pad; for example, 100 sheets. In Binding Options, select the check box Create Pads and Number of Pads is the number of masters, usually 1.

Track Orders/Status
To track the status of an order, click the Order Status tab to view  where your order is in the production process, i.e. Waiting for Approval, Submitted, Originals Pending, Graphic Design, Copiers, Press, Bindery, Shipped, Complete.

To view quotes and orders you have placed in the past, click the Order History tab.

Repeat Past Order
Click the Order History tab, find the order you would like to repeat, click the "View" link, and click the Copy Order button. This will create a new work order. Edit selections as necessary, Save and Submit order.


We will produce your order based on the selections made on the work order.

If you aren't sure what you need, please call for assistance.  For example, if you intended to place an order for envelopes but you chose 20# white paper, we will print using the white paper.