Electronic File Preparation

We may be able to use documents created on your computer if they are compatible with, or can be read by our software.
PDF is the preferred file format
for submitting self-created documents for reproduction.
— Most files uploaded with the work order are automatically converted to pdf. —

If a document will be printed as black only, create it using black text and grayscale graphics and photographs.

Production Software
We accept documents created with the following software:
• Adobe Acrobat® (distribution, printing, etc.)
• Adobe InDesign® (layout/design)
• Adobe Photoshop® (graphics)
• Adobe Illustrator® (graphics)
• Microsoft Office® –  Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint

Formatting may change slightly due to variations in computer and software configuration.

Microsoft Office
Your MS Office documents are used for printing directly to the black/white and color copiers if no file manipulation is required.

If production on a printing press is required (large quantity printed in color, etc.), your document will be recreated (as closely to the original as possible) with our design software so that it is compatible with the equipment we use in the printing process. A proof will be provided before printing begins.

Microsoft Publisher
Creating a PDF (.pdf) file is the best method of submitting a Publisher document for printing/copying. Instructions for creating these type of files are available from our design office or the Document Services web pages.

To submit Publisher files properly, use the Pack and Go feature. This will save your document along with graphics and fonts used in the document. We may still be able to use your file with a varying degree of success without “packing”. Typefaces/fonts you used to create the document available on your computer may not be available on our computer – font substitution may occur which can result in a printed document with shifts in formatting and may look different than originally intended.

“Pack and Go” instructions are provided
on the How To page of this site (under development).

Documents created with other software applications –

may or may not work. We cannot use native files created using "Print Shop", or similar types of software applications that are typically sold for home use.
File Formats
File formats that can be read by our software with varying results include .doc, .txt, .pdf, .tif, .eps, .jpg, .pict, .bmp (gif and png are low resolution web graphics and are usually not suitable for printing).

PDF (Portable Document File): PDF is a standard created by Adobe® for distributing, viewing, and printing complete documents while preserving layout, typography, images, and vector graphics. PDF files are cross-platform compatible.

Software related to PDF files:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (view and print PDF files)
  • Adobe Acrobat (full version - view, print, advanced features)
  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller (used to create PDF files)

Most newer District computers have the ability to create a pdf:  Select "Print" from the "File" drop down menu, choose "Adobe PDF" from the printer drop down list, click OK, choose a location on your computer where you would like to save the file, click SAVE.

There are thousands of different typefaces available from many sources and we may or may not have the same typefaces on our systems that you have used in your document. Please supply the fonts along with your document. The closest match on our system will be substituted if fonts are missing.

Either imbed clipart/photos into your document or send the original graphic files along with the document file. Resolution for photos and other images should be set at 300 or above.

Digital Camera/Smartphone Photos
may not reproduce properly in the copying/printing process unless certain criteria is met. Please call before using this type of photograph.

File submission
Submit files as an attachment to the online work order, as an attachment in an email message, or on a CD or flash drive.

Requesting electronic files
Depending upon the type of document, we may be able to supply an electronic version of documents created in our shop. If an electronic version is needed as well as paper copies, please let us know before we begin.